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News: Point Grey In The News

Publication Article Camera Date
Vision guides robot to clean air ducts Flea2 April 2011
Staring at the sun Scorpion March 2011
Food label provider turns to digital imaging Dragonfly2 January 2011
Quality Kegs Flea FireWire December 2010
Multisensor-equipped backpack renders 3-D images FireWire November 2010
Sweet Success - MVC SureLabel inspection of ice cream labels Flea2 October 2010
The Perfect Book - Chromasens/Zeutschel application USB 2.0 September 2010
Long range autonomous navigation relies on single stereo camera Bumblebee XB3 August 2010
The Super-Information Highway - Virginia Tech acquires new data-collection technology Ladybug July 2010
Strike a pose - 3D vision Bumblebee XB3 June/July 2010
Vision-based, multi-touch installation art helps emerging media industry Firefly MV June 2010
Researching the Brain (Univ. of Arizona) Dragonfly2 May 2010
Simplifying Automotive Assembly FireWire May 2010
More than a machine - Snackbot application Bumblebee2 April/May 2010
USB 3.0: The Next Chapter in the Great Interface Debate USB 3.0 March 2010

The Flea3 USB 3.0 camera from 1.3 to 8.8 MP and from 21 to 150 FPS

Flea3 USB3 Vision Camera
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