SDK Version Compatibility Language Date First Posted Primary Library Calls Link Visual C++ 2006/08/31 flycaptureQueryCustomImageEx()
CustomImageEx Visual C++ 2009/10/29 GetFormat7Info()
CustomImageEx C# 2009/10/29 CustomImageExCSharp


The CustomImageEx sample program demonstrates how to configure a Point Grey Imaging Product to output custom sized images - the PGRFlycapture equivalent of the DCAM specifications 'Format 7'. Custom image modes are often useful for achieving faster frame rates, reducing the resolution of an image, and allowing more cameras to run on a single bus by reducing bandwidth requirements.

The program creates a context and initializes the first camera on the 1394 bus. It then queries the camera to determine the custom image modes, resolution sizes, unit sizes and pixel formats the camera supports. 

The program then starts the camera in custom image mode using parameters defined at the beginning of the code. A number of images are grabbed in this custom image mode and image timestamp information is printed out. The program also calculates the time difference between consecutive images, then uses the total amount of time taken to calculate the actual frame rate of the camera given the current custom image configuration. The final image is then saved in an 8-bit format to disk

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