SDK Version Compatibility Language Date First Posted Primary Library Calls Link Visual C++ 2006/10/10 flycaptureGetCameraPropertyRangeEx()
ExtendedShutterEx Visual C++ 2009/10/29 GetProperty()


The ExtendedShutterEx sample program demonstrates how to enable and calculate extended integration times for applicable Point Grey Imaging Products. The way this is done can differ between cameras.

Many applications require extended shutter (integration) times up to several seconds long. Most Point Grey Imaging Products implement extended shutter functionality in one of two ways:

  1. By turning off the FRAME_RATE register 0x83C. This effectively stops the camera from transmitting images at fixed frame intervals; the frame rate becomes dependent on the shutter time. Consult the Point Grey Digital Camera Register Reference for more information.
  2. By enabling extended shutter via the EXTENDED_SHUTTER register 0x1028.

The program begins by initializing the first camera on the bus and determining if it implements the FRAME_RATE register. If it does, it turns the frame rate off. If the camera does not implement this register, the program then checks to see if the camera implements the EXTENDED_SHUTTER register. If it does, it accesses this register to put the camera into extended shutter mode. Otherwise, the user is notified that the camera does not implement extended shutter and the program exits.

Once the camera is in extended shutter mode, it is started in the default mode and frame rate. A series of images are grabbed, and their timestamps printed as a way of verifying that the extended shutter is working. The last image is then converted (color processed) and saved to disk.

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