SDK Version Compatibility Language Date First Posted Link Visual C++ 2008/03/14 FlyCap VB.NET 2008/02/01 FlyCapVB.NET Visual C++ 2009/10/29 FlyCap2


The FlyCap example is the main Point Grey Research application used to work with single lens cameras. It allows a user to select a camera to start, and then starts streaming the images to the screen. There are options to modify camera settings and display a histogram window. Images can be saved as a single image capture, multiple sequential images of various formats, or as an avi. Data can be saved by specifying the number of frames to capture, the length of time, or an indefinite stream where the user selects when to start and stop the camera recording.

FlyCap can also be used to capture and save images from the BumbleBee2 and Bumblebee XB3 stereo cameras. Images from stereo cameras can be displayed in a side-by-side format showing the images from the different cameras. This is accomplished by putting the camera into Format 7 Mode 2. Otherwise, a single camera is displayed on the screen. Use the Pan register to toggle the active camera.

While a single instance of FlyCap can only open one camera, multiple FlyCap applications can be run to view more than one camera. Note that the number of active cameras is limited by the bandwidth of the bus.

For more information on the FlyCap application,  refer to the FlyCap Demo Program section of the SDK Help.

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