SDK Version Compatibility Language Date First Posted Primary Library Calls Link Visual C++ 2008/01/24 flycaptureGetCameraRegister()
HighDynamicRangeEx Visual C++ 2009/10/29 ReadRegister()


The HighDynamicRangeEx example demonstrates the use of the High Dynamic Range (HDR) functionality. This example can only be used on cameras which support HDR.

The example initializes the camera, and verifies that HDR is supported. The HDR registers are then set up with different values. There are four HDR registers, each containing a shutter and gain value. Each register is set to increasing shutter and gain values.

The next four images are then grabbed and saved to disk. The user can look at these images and verify that each image corresponds to the settings for each HDR register.

When HDR mode is enabled, the shutter and gain settings for each image come from the HDR registers. All 4 registers must be used, and the images cycle through registers HDR0 to HDR3 and then back to HDR0 again. This cycle continues until HDR mode is turned off.

Once the images are saved to disk, the program cleans up and exits.

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